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Effective immediatly, has been aquired by ISP.COM.

What does this mean for you?

  • New 24x7 technical support @ 877.420.3906
  • New Billing Number @ 425-245-0216 (9-5 M-F PST)
  • New Account Management Section
  • Same Great Low prices! Month to Month! No Ads!
  • Access Numbers Can be found here
  • ISP.COM Members Page & WebMail

    Who is ISP.COM? How do I signup?

    ISP.COM is a leader in internet access and is one of the fastest growing ISP's in the country. ISP.COM is now accepting signups for new customers. Existing customers need not apply as you are already setup. New signups: visit the ISP.COM website and read more about our low cost $8.95 & $12.95 internet service, click here.

    I have as my email and my username,
    will it still work and what are the settings?

    Yes, nothing will change for existing customers besides our contact information. Your service and email addresses will continue to work.

  • Dialup Username Format: nac **** @usa,, or
  • Mail Username:
  • POP3/SMTP Server:

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